Foreign students slam Hindi institute for dirty hostels

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NEW DELHI: HRD ministry has sought a detailed report from Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra, on allegations by many foreign students that the institute has turned a blind eye to pathetic living conditions in the hostel.

Exasperated with the callous attitude of the institute management, some foreign students raised the matter on social media by posting pictures of unhygienic hostel toilets and even a video of an ill student, Raynuka Baldeo, being rushed by her friends to hospital in a three-wheeler.

No one from KHS was present even in the hospital. The ill student from Trinidad then contacted her country’s mission in India for help to return to her country. On Friday KHS agreed to send Baldeo and late in the evening she was flown to Trinidad.

One foreign student told TOI, “Ever since Raynuka’s case came to public domain, institute is trying to shift the blame on us for being demanding (sic). Top functionaries of KHS hardly interact with us and despite repeated reminders nothing has been done about pathetic conditions.” Nand Kishore Pandey, director, KHS told TOI that Baldeo’s matter is being blown out of proportion.


He said, “she wanted to go back and raised the issue of mismanagement” Pandey says there are 100 foreign students in KHS and there are separate hostels for male and female students. Indian students numbering 150 have their own hostels.
This year 85 foreign students from 31 countries have already joined. Pandey admits that hostels are old and there is a move to get them renovated.

According to Pandey, the root of the discontent among foreign students lies in the lack of non-vegetarian food in the hostel mess. He said both Indian and foreign students manage the hostel mess and KHS passes on the cost to them. “But non-vegetarian food is not allowed for many years. Foreign students complain that it be allowed,” he said.

Pandey also points out that since KHS pays for the annual ticket home for foreign students, bookings are done in advance according to the yearly academic calendar.

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