Activity-based learning in Haryana schools soon

Haryana schools, Haryana education department, haryana government schools, extra curricular activities, activity based learning, India news, education news, indian expressSaturdays will be designated only for extra-curricular activities in schools to hone the skills of students. (Image for representational purposes)

Happy students will make better learners. With this aim in mind, the Haryana Education Department is preparing a framework for introducing activity-based learning in government schools. In addition, Saturdays will be designated only for extra-curricular activities in schools to hone the skills of students.

A change in pedagogy would be brought about initially for the primary classes. Instead of learning by rote, a variety of activities will be introduced. Experts from the fields of science and maths will be called to interact with students and help them understand the basic concepts.

Additional Chief Secretary School Education Department, PK Das said that the students have a fear of school and treat it as a burden. “We want that the students should enjoy coming to school. Instead of just learning by rote, the students will be able to learn through various activities. Workshops of teachers are being held to prepare a framework for the purpose. This will also improve the quality of the students as they will develop an interest in learning,” he said.

As a pilot project, activity-based learning will be introduced in primary schools across the state. The Education Department had earlier prepared minimum learning levels for school students. It will be ensured that through activity-based learning, these learning levels are achieved. A detailed framework for the kind of activities that could be performed is being prepared.


For instance, students will be asked to collect plastic from their schools and their villages which will spread the message that use of plastic should be stopped. The deputy commissioners would be asked to get the plastic collected from all the villages.

The activity will be aimed at giving the students a sense of achievement of having contributed for a cause, besides spreading the message of safeguarding the environment.

The Education Department has also decided that within a month, instead of focussing on academics on Saturdays a variety of activities including music, theatre, drills and sports will be held. Through this, the talents of the students will be honed.


“There are students who might not be good in academics, but are good in other activities. When grading the personality of the student, these activities should be accounted for. Around 20 different kinds of activities will be started in the schools. Even students who are physically challenged would be involved with sporting activities. The aim is to ensure that all students are involved in activities that they enjoy,” Das said.

The results of Classes 10 and 12 of Haryana Board of School Education over the past few years has been dismal with a high percentage of students failing to clear the exams. Among the reasons given by teachers for this is that the quality of students that they receive from primary classes is poor.

The Education Department has already set down some guidelines about what students passing from each class should know.

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