Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Education is the most important issue among Muslim community, says Hamid Ansari

Muslims Education: Hamid Ansari

Education is the most important factor for a country to grow, especially for a country like India (a developing country), where different kinds of religion resides.

Muslims have the population of the second largest community in India is 17.22 crores as per the latest Census of India (2011). The percentage of this community is 14.2 per cent out of 121.09 crores of the total population of India.

The issue of identity and security has been a major issue, in a country where 79.8 per cent of the population in India is of Hindus.

Muslims Education in India

Hamid Ansari- The Ex Vice President of India

In the 12th Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Lecture On ‘Muslims of India: Past and Present’, Ex-Vice President, Hamid Ansari threw some light on Muslims Education.

He said that among the identified issues faced by the Muslim community, education has been the most important one and is neglected by all the segments of the community.

The event was organised by the Centre for Study of Society and Secularism on November 23, 2018.

Sikhs and their religious institutions

As per the IANS report, the Ex Vice President mentioned about Sikhs in the lecture. Here’s what he said:

“Delhi has a large number of Sikhs and most of them were refugees. They have not only rehabilitated themselves but have also set up their religious institutions as well as their educational institutions.” Ansari said in the lecture.

“So, if a small community can do that, why can’t a much bigger community,?” he asked.

‘Interaction’ is the answer

Ansari suggested that interacting with the wider community of fellow citizens on a continuous basis is the need of the hour to remove the mental barriers.

In the lecture, he said, ” This formula (of interaction) has worked in different parts of the world, and I do not see any reason why it will not work in our country.”