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Talenttack is a cross-publishing platform, supporting creators to save time, maximize revenue, build long-term success without worrying about the technicalities of platforms.

Reach more Ears, Grow your Voice

Expertise, data and technology helps us turn you into a brand, and your brand into an icon.

It starts
when you do

Whether you're just starting off, or have been a creator for a while, all we need you to do, is focus on your content.
Trust us with the rest.

Where do
we come in?


Extrapolate your social presence to more platforms


Connect with more people, grow your community & reach

Additional income

More platforms mean more revenue streams, all with existing content


Exponential growth of your cross-platform numbers in fractional time


Use algorithm changes to your favour


Targeted and focussed content across all platforms

The Ideal Talent
for Talenttack

We're proudly working with creators of all magnitudes, across the globe. Before giving you an answer, we run tests on your content to make sure we're the right fit for eachother.

Video Creators

  • 20,000 or more followers on a single platform
  • Library of more than 150 videos, over 3 minutes
  • Consistent uploading record

Video Creators

  • 50,000 or more followers on a single platform
  • Library of more than 500 videos
  • Consistent uploading record

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See what we're upto.

Stay Connected

See what we're upto.